Football continued to be played all the year round apparently, at this time. Early January weather is usually not very conducive to good football. Yet in the Clare Champion of 20th January 1906, there is a report of a match between Kilmihil and Kilmurray – junior.

“ A splendid football match was witnessed at Tullycrine on Sunday last, between Kilmihil and Kilmurray junior. Mr. T.  O’Donnell gave complete satisfaction when in charge of the whistle, he got the teams to work at three o’clock. Kilmihil having won the toss, decided to play with a strong breeze at their backs.

The ball being set in motion, Kilmihil at once rushed to it, and brought it to their opponents’ posts, where some splendid play took place. Before the elapse of many minutes, Fitzpatrick, getting in possession, scored a neat goal, amid applause. Kilmurray backs were now closely pressed for some time, but they were equal to the emergency, Connell and Carey doing excellent work. After some time a free was awarded to Kilmihil, which M. Cunningham converted to a minor, and it was hard luck that it was not a more substantial score. Kilmihil now made some serious attempts at scoring, but Kilmurray backs were impassable. Towards the close of the half hour, Kilmihil had the ball at their opponents’ posts but before the whistle sounded, Fitzpatrick again got possession, and made another minor for Kilmihil. At the call of half time the score was KILMIHIL        1-2       KILMURRAY           nil.

After a short interval the ball was again set in motion, and it was evident Kilmihil had the game in their own hands. Kilmurray now pressed hard, and brought the ball into visitors’ territory, but Mack could not be passed. He sent the ball to midfield, and Fitzpatrick getting possession, brought it to the Kilmurray posts, but failed to score. During the whole half hour the leather was in Kilmurray territory, but owing to the gallant defence of the Kilmurray backs, Kilmihil forwards failed to score. It is worthy of note that Pilkington, the Kilmihil goalkeeper, never touched the ball. Kilmurray played a first class defensive game, and are to be congratulated on the very fine stand they made, against what is undoubtedly one of the fastest teams ever put on the field by Kilmihil. After this some fine play was witnessed, and the ball was played with rapidity, like lightning up and down the field, without either side registering a score. The final scores were;

                        KILMIHIL     1-2                   KILMURRAY           nil.


For Kilmihil, Messers Fitzpatrick, Mack, Pilkington, Hanrahan and J. Daly were best.

For Kilmurray, Messers Fitzgerald, Connell, Carey, Corbett and Kelly were best.

Reports of matches during that early period of the Club’s history are very few, but the names of the players of the era have passed on. Among the “Greats” were the three Mc Donnell brothers, Johnnie, Jude and Paddy (The Duke), and their cousin, Maurice (Mick), Jim Pilkington, Padna Glynn, John Glynn, Sonny Meaney, Larry Ayers, Harry Mc Dermott, Tom Downes Lack East, T. J. Twomey, Frank Donohue, Lack West, Micko McNamara and his brothers Noel and Willie, Johnsie Daly and his three brothers Dr. Pete, Bill and Dino, Tim Fitzpatrick and his brothers Micko and Dan, Joe (Tim) Daly and his brother Michael, George King, Paddy, Mike and Danny O’Brien, Corgrigg, Jack Brew, Tullycrine, Densy Breen, Johnsie Breen, Padraic Josie and Thomas O’Brien, Shyan, Patto Quinlivan, Pat Daly, Micko Daly.

As previously stated, in 1893 there were no G.A.A. Clubs affiliated in Clare. However, by 1903, 19 clubs had been re-admitted to the organisation. Three further years elapsed before Kilmihil formally rejoined the association. The following account of the revival of the club appeared in the Clare Journal of the 19th Feb. 1906.

“An effort, certain to bring success in its train, has been made in Kilmihil, to revive our ancient games and pastimes. The movement embraced as it is, by all the young men of the locality, indicates the thoroughly Irish spirit of this patriotic district.

The Football Club has been organised, and placed on a substantial working basis. The presidency of the body was voted to the Rev. Fr. Corcoran, who has signified his acceptance of the position, whilst that well-known Gael, Mr. Pat Lillis, D.C. Kilrush District Council, takes the Vice-Presidency.

The committee appointed are: –

James McMahon,

Ned Corley

James Pilkington

James O’Shea

Michael Ryan

Michael Meaney, Treasurer.

Michael Daly, Hon. Sec.”